Planning & Zoning Department

The Planning and  Zoning Department promotes and plans for the future vitality, livability, and prosperity of Travelers Rest. The department’s work involves overseeing and directing all planning and development activities including comprehensive planning, administering the City’s zoning and land development processes, working with developers, neighborhoods, other agencies, and citizens on site plans and reviews, administration of federal application process for community development projects, redevelopment assistance, and more.

Mike Forman, AICP
Planning Director


Public Notices

Document Title Description
TR 22-08 (SD) - The Refuge The applicant, Rick Thoennes on behalf of Rembrey Custom Homes, requests approval of a Preliminary Subdivision Plan for The Refuge. The plan provides 43 lots for single-family detached homes and two new neighborhood streets totaling 1,250 linear feet.
TR 22-07 (RZ) - 3 Plaza Drive Request for zoning map amendment to rezone a portion of a property located at 3 Plaza Drive from R-M (Residential Multi-Family) to C-2 (Commercial).
BZA 22-02 (SE) - 10 Kirby Road Request for Special Exception to allow a Mini-Warehouse use in a C-2 Commercial District. Please select "Zoning" tab on left of screen and then scroll down for additional information.
TR 22-06 Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment - Downtown District et al The City of Travelers Rest is proposing to revise certain sections of the City of Travelers Rest zoning ordinance, including adding a Section 5:17 – Downtown Overlay District, as well as other adjustments and changes thereto
TR 22-05 - 1 & 3 Little Creek Road Request for zoning map amendment to rezone two properties at 1 Little Creek Road and 3 Little Creek Road from C-1 (Commercial) to R-7.5 (Residential)
TR 22-04 - 4 Peterson Street - R-10 to C-2 Request for zoning map amendment to rezone a property at 4 Peterson Street from R-10 (Residential) to C-2 (Commercial)
TR 22-03 - 607 N Main Street - I-1, C-2, and R-10 to R-7.5 Rezone properties at 607 N. Main Street from I-1 (Industrial), C-2 (Commercial), and R-10 (Residential) to R-7.5 (Residential)
TR 22-01 Zoning Ordinance Use Table Text Amendment Text Amendment for Allowed Uses Table: The City of Travelers Rest Planning Commission is proposing to revise certain sections of the City of Travelers Rest zoning ordinance, specifically Articles 4, 5, 7, and 10
TR 21-16 (RZ) State Park Rd (Pinestone) Rezone property at State Park Road from C-1, Commercial District, R-M Residential, Multiple Family District, and I-1, Industrial District to PD-R, Planned Development District