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What is a Subdivision?

The text book definition of subdivision is a tract of land divided into lots suitable for home building purposes.  South Carolina and the City of Travelers Rest require that a subdivision plat be recorded.

All subdivisions are subject to the requirements of the Land Development Regulations as defined in the ordinance. Applications for subdivisions shall be made as defined in the ordinance.

All subdivisions are subject to approval by the Planning Commission unless categorized as a minor subdivision. A minor subdivision is defined as a subdivision of land into 2 or fewer lots on less than 5 acres of land when:

No new streets, alleys, or other public ways are created
No changes are made to the existing right of way of any streets, alleys, or other public ways
No new utilities are required to serve the subdivided land
The division of land meets the minimum requirements of the subdivision ordinance
No flag lot is created in a residential zone district that is inconsistent with existing development patterns
The lots have direct access onto a public street that has been accepted for maintenance by the appropriate agency
Any subdivision requiring Planning Commission approval is considered a major subdivision.

Public Improvements
All public improvements associated with a subdivision will be subject to the City Land Development Ordinance and the requirements and standards of this manual.

Summary Plat Approval
The City Planning Director shall be authorized to sign final plats of minor subdivisions on existing public streets without such divisions of land having first obtained preliminary approval by the Planning Commission. All persons requesting summary approval shall submit in writing a statement establishing the existence of a public street and that such streets have been accepted for maintenance by the appropriate agency.