Rent Trailblazer Park

Special Event Permit Applications

Document Title Description
SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT APPLICATION (NON RACE) For large festivals and small private events including birthday parties, weddings, and social gatherings.
WALK, RACE, RUN, PARADE PERMIT APPLICATION For charity races, runs, walks, parades, etc. of all sizes.

Trailblazer Park is available for your next event whether it’s a large public festival, a grand gala under the stars, a race with a purpose, or a simple garden soiree.

For more information and to reserve the park, download and complete a Special Event Permit Application form below. Choose the appropriate application based on the type of event you are planning (festival or large event – over 150 attendees, small private event – under 150 attendees,  or walk, run, race). Feel free to contact City Hall to check that your date is available first at 864.834.8740.

Park Rules

  • Parking is restricted to designated parking areas only
  • No loud music, disorderly behavior, or disrupting others
  • Please dispose of trash and recycling in designated containers
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited
  • No solicitation; Paid instruction and events are prohibited without a permit
  • Alcohol, glass bottles, fireworks, and unpermitted firearms are prohibited unless permitted by special event permit
  • Amphitheater Stage: The use of the amphitheater stage is restricted to City approved events and performance

Dogs Policy

  • Owner/handler is responsible for keeping their dog under control by a leash no more than 6 feet in length, and for all action and behavior of the dog while on park property
  • Owner/handler is responsible and must possess the tools required for clean-up and disposal of dog waste
  • Dog Restricted Events/Areas: Due to health and safety concerns as well as programmed use of park property, dogs are not permitted at events, amphitheater area, playground area, and athletic fields
  • Service Animals: Service dogs are exempt from the limitations while performing their duties