Waste Collection & Recycling

Curbside Collection – TRASH CANS MUST BE AT CURB BY 7 AM

  • Roll Carts – Roll Carts should be placed at the curb by 7 am but no more than twenty-four hours prior to collection time
  • Roll Carts must be removed within twenty-four hours after collection time
  • Household Garbage – All household garbage must be bagged and placed inside the roll cart. Do not place additional garbage bags outside of the roll cart
  • Recycling – All recycling collected curbside must in the bin/container. No loose items on the ground
  • Bulk Items – No bulk goods will be collected
  • Yard Waste/Brush – Halt or restrict Yard Waste/Brush to small loads. Residents should only place at curb what can be collected by one person.  All yard waste must be bagged and placed at the curb.  The collection will be made at a reduced pace.  Delays should be expected and may not occur on the regular pickup day

Residents should be aware that crews’ first priority will be clearing garbage and limiting workers’ exposure to loose materials.  Properly bagging and limiting the number of garbage workers must touch will help protect their health and preserve the ongoing collection.

These measures will be in effect until further notice.  Thank you for your assistance and patience as we work to maintain regular services during this time.

Request a Roll Cart

City-approved trash receptacles will be delivered to residents from ACE Environmental, the contractor for residential trash, recycling and brush collection. Once your bin has been ordered, it will be delivered to your address within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. To start or stop your service, order a trash bin or get more information regarding trash and recycling pickup please contact ACE Environmental at 864.877.0505.

2020 Holiday Pickup Schedule

Martin Luther King Jr. Day                       Regular Wednesday Pickup
Washington’s Birthday                              Regular Wednesday Pickup
Memorial Day                                             Thursday Pickup
Independence Day                                     Regular Wednesday Pickup
Labor Day                                                    Thursday Pickup
Veterans Day                                               Regular Wednesday Pickup
Thanksgiving                                               Regular Wednesday Pickup
Christmas                                                     Regular Wednesday Pickup

If the holiday is observed on a weekend, no changes will occur to residential pickup.

 Do Your Part with Your Cart

Roll carts should be placed by the curb no more than twenty-four hours prior to collection time and must be removed within twenty-four hours after collection time.

Set carts out by 6:30 am and remove them from the street within 24 hours

Place wheeled cart at least five feet away from other carts, mailboxes, fire hydrants, parked cars, low hanging trees, or utility poles so trucks can easily access the cart

Place trash and recycle carts with the wheels and handles toward the curb. Trash and recycle carts should be placed in the street and close to the curb

Do not place hot ashes or coals into the cart

Place all trash in tied, plastic bags

Do not place hazardous waste in your trash or recycle cart

Do not put medications in the trash. See Disposal of Pharmaceuticals for more information

Do not put construction or demolition waste into the cart

Do not dispose of paint or waste containing free liquids

Curbside Recycling

Order a Recycling Bin
The City of Travelers Rest provides recycling bins to residents within city limits. To request a recycling bin contact the city at 864.834.8740

 Please note: Glass is NO LONGER collected as a recyclable material

Curbside recycling of aluminum, plastic and paper products is available on a weekly basis to all residents who receive trash service. Acceptable recycling items are mixed paper, cardboard, paperboard, aluminum, steel, and plastic. We are not able to accept glass at this time.



Doing our part to conserve

There are so many reasons why recycling is important. Here are just a few:

  • Saves energy, prevents pollution and saves virgin materials used in the manufacturing process
  • Decreases emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Reduces the need for landfilling and incineration
  • Sustains the environment for future generations

Recycling Drop Off Sites

You'll find a recycling drop off site located at 148 Walnut Ln, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 in the parking lot next to the Bilo Grocery Store. To learn more about recycling in Greenville County and get helpful tips, visit the Greenville County recycling tips link.


Residential Waste & Recycling Centers

Have more trash to get rid of? Greenville County provides seven Residential Waste and Recycling Centers which are located throughout the county to provide convenient self-disposal drop off stations for the County's residents. One of those locations is close by! Echo Valley Residential Waste and Recycling Center, 3705 Geer Highway, Marietta 29690.