The City of Travelers Rest Zoning Ordinance consists of two parts, the text and a map. The text includes the regulations and permitted uses that will apply in each zoning district, as well as the requirements and procedures governing the administration, enforcement, and future amendments to the text and the map. The role of the map is to set out graphically the location and boundaries of the zoning districts. The combination of the text and the map divides the land within Travelers Rest into zoning districts (i.e. R-10, C-2, S-1, etc…).


The Travelers Rest Zoning Ordinance (Appendix A of the City of Travelers Rest Code of Ordinances) can be found HERE.

*Note the Zoning Ordinance was amended as of 12/15/2022; however there is a delay between City Council amendment and Municode updating their site to reflect the amendments. Please follow this pdf link for the updated Zoning Ordinance for the time being (https://travelersrestsc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Zoning-Ordinance-Update-for-Municode-12-16-22.pdf).

The regulations, restrictions, and boundaries set forth in this Ordinance may from time to time be amended, supplemented, changed, or repealed by the City Council, after study by the Planning Commission, and in accordance with procedures found in Article 10 of the City of Travelers Rest Zoning Ordinance.

Applications for a zoning map amendment shall be made through the City Planning Department using the form found HERE.

Please visit Greenville County GIS Website for the most up to date zoning map and individual parcel data.

2022 Zoning Amendments

Document Title Description
Ordinance #O-16-22 - 3 Plaza Drive An ordinance to rezone +/-0.57 acres from R-M, Multi-Family Residential to C-2, Commercial District (TR-22-07).
Ordinance #O-15-22 - Downtown District An Ordinance to amend the Travelers Rest Zoning Ordinance, adding Section 5:17 Downtown District and other amendments related thereto (TR-22-06).
Ordinance #O-13-22 - 1 Little Creek Road and 3 Little Creek Road An ordinance to rezone +/-0.48 acres from C-1, Commercial District to R-7.5 Residential District (TR-22-05).
Ordinance #O-12-22 - 4 Peterson Street An ordinance to rezone +/-0.46 acres from R-10, Residential District to C-2, Commercial District (TR-22-04).
Ordinance #O-10-22 - 607 N Main Street An ordinance to rezone +/-9.32 acres from C-2, Commercial District, I-1, Industrial District, and R-10 Residential District to Flexible Review District (FRD) nee R-7.5 (TR-22-03).
Ordinance #O-09-22 - State Park Rd (Pinestone PD) An ordinance to rezone +/-4.65 acres from C-1, Commercial District, R-M Residential, Multiple Family District & I-1, Industrial District to PD-R, Planned Development district (Pinestone – State Park Road commercial property) (TR 21-16).
Ordinance #O-08-22 - Use Table Zoning Text Amendment The City of Travelers Rest Planning Commission is proposing to revise certain sections of Articles 4, 5, 7, and 10 of the City of Travelers Rest Zoning Ordinance, specifically the "Uses Permitted" sections of all non-PD or FRD zoning districts. These sections will be replaced by a new Use Table which will specify all permitted uses and specially excepted uses for each zoning classification district into one table.
Ordinance #O-02-22 - Tree Preservation - Section 6:19.9 An ordinance to modify section 6:19.9 of the zoning ordinance with respect to tree preservation and street trees planting standards (TR 21-17) and to amend the city fee schedule to adopt the City of Travelers Rest tree removal fee.
Ordinance #O-01-22 - 16 Walnut Lane An ordinance to rezone approximately 0.48 acres of real property located at 16 Walnut Lane from S-1, Service District to C-2 Commercial Development District (a portion of tax map number 0491000101300) (TR 21-19).

Board of Zoning Appeals
Reviews land use issues, including proposed variations from the City’s zoning ordinance; special uses that require review to determine compatibility with adjacent properties and appeals of decisions made by the zoning administrator. Composed of 5 members appointed for a 3-year term.


Board of Zoning Appeals Board Members: Susan Donkers-Franklin (Chair), Mark Garrison (Vice-Chair), Larry Moore, Leslee Alexander, and Tom Bates.

2022 Board of Zoning Appeals Agendas and Packets

Document Title Description
July 11, 2023 Agenda and Packet
November 8, 2022 Agenda and Packet
January 11, 2022 Agenda and Packet