City Plans & Current Projects

The City of Travelers Rest owns, operates and plans for infrastructure like streets, sidewalks, bike trails, parking, parks, and more to meet the needs of the community, today and in the future. The city accomplishes these tasks by overseeing projects from plan development through construction and implementation. You can find information about the City of Travelers Rest’s current plans and projects from the links below.

Comprehensive Plan Review (2023)

The Planning Commission of Travelers Rest is tasked with reviewing the Comprehensive Plan at least every five years. As such, the City of Travelers Rest will kicked off the Comprehensive Plan Review in the summer of 2023. Public input was received through the year via public meetings and a community survey.

2018 Comprehensive Plan with 2023 Review and Updates

Comprehensive Plan (2018)

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan for Travelers Rest is the long-range, visionary document outlining the future vision for Travelers Rest. It includes an evaluation of trends and existing conditions, defines community strengths and challenges, and provides recommendations to address those challenges. Note: Plan reviewed and updated in 2023

2018 Comprehensive Plan

Downtown District (2022)

The City of Travelers Rest adopted the Downtown District on December 15, 2022. The Downtown District is overlaid on top of any existing zoning districts, with all boundaries described on a zoning map. Overlay Districts are a planning technique that allows local authorities to impose or relax a set of requirements imposed by the underlying zoning district when there is a special public interest in a particular geographic area that does not coincide with the underlying zone boundaries. In Travelers Rest's case, the zoning ordinance did not provide for the flexibility or creativity needed to address a growing downtown. The proposed text amendments directly address two of the City of Travelers Rest 2018 Comprehensive Plan’s core challenges: “#2 – Improving Land Use Form & Character” and “#4 - Managing Growth” (p. 6). These two core challenges are reiterated in the Recommendations section of the Land Use Chapter (p. 11).

Downtown District

Downtown Master Plan (2019)

The Downtown Master Plan is a long-range, visionary document that includes a foundation for plan concepts, an assessment of downtown Travelers Rest’s key assets, challenges and opportunities based on input from the design team and data from an online survey and community/ stakeholder input.

Downtown Master Plan

Poinsett Corridor Study (2018)

A study to develop a unified vision for the Poinsett Highway and Center Street Corridors with goals to create a sense of arrival in Downtown Travelers Rest, accommodate growth through public infrastructure investment, incorporate multimodal transportation infrastructure, explore residential, retail and restaurant Infill opportunities and prioritize user connectivity and safety.

Poinsett Corridor Study

Market Analysis and Economic Development Plan (2017)

This report provides 2017 data that updates the information from the 2012 Market Analysis & Economic Development plan. Sections of the original report remain intact.

Market Analysis and Economic Development Plan

Bicycle Master Plan (2015)

The City of Travelers Rest has reaped many benefits from the opening of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, streetscape improvements on Main Street, and comprehensive branding and wayfinding signage. Community leaders have recognized the incredible impact that these efforts have had to date thus, the City commissioned a Bicycle Master Plan with the goal of making bicycling a safe, fun and normal daily transportation and recreation choice for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities.

Bicycle Master Plan