Boards & Commissions

All Board & Committee Meetings are held at City Hall, 125 Trailblazer Drive, Travelers Rest, SC, in the Council Chambers. We encourage citizens to review meeting agendas by accessing them online or calling the City Clerk’s Office at 864.834.8740.

Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee (ATAC)
Advises City Council on the expenditure of accommodations tax funds for promoting tourism, the arts and cultural affairs in the community. Composed of 7 members appointed for a 2-year term, members are selected from the hospitality and lodging industries, as well as from the community at large. ATAC Members: Crystal Calhoun, Wendy Lynam, Kristen Heiselman, Michelle Evett, Kristin Laroy, Dave Smits, and Kem Theisen.

Last ATAC Meeting: April 4, 6 p.m., City Hall.  Click here for Agenda: 4-4-2022-ATAC-Agenda.pdf 

Building and Housing Board of Appeals

Acts upon appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by City code officials regarding the application and interpretation of the building and property codes. Composed of 3 members appointed for a 3-year term, members include architects, engineers, contractors or other persons familiar with the building trade. Building and Housing Board Members:  Ron Finley, Evert Headley, and Cory Satterfield

Board of Zoning Appeals
Reviews land use issues, including proposed variations from the City’s zoning ordinance; special uses that require review to determine compatibility with adjacent properties and appeals of decisions made by the zoning administrator. Composed of 5 members appointed for a 3-year term. Board of Zoning Appeals Board Members: Mark Garrison (Vice -Chair), Larry Moore, Leslee Alexander, Nathan Brown, and Susan Donkers-Franklin.

Municipal Election Commission
Supervises all municipal and special elections and certifies the results from these elections. Composed of 3 members appointed for a 6-year term. Municipal Election Commission Members:  Dave Smits and Harvey Choplin.

Planning Commission
Makes recommendations to the City Council on zoning and annexation issues; reviews and approves all new subdivisions and is involved in comprehensive planning to improve the health and welfare of the public. Composed of 7 members appointed for a 3-year term.
Planning Commission Board Members: Rebecca Cooper (Chair), Tony Rackley (Vice-Chair), Evan Cantrell, Michelle Garrison, Diane Maxwell, Tom Low, and Don Watson.

Planning Commission

Serve on a Board or Commission
The City of Travelers Rest encourages residents to become involved in your community. One way to do so is to serve in an advisory capacity on one of the City’s various boards and commissions. The City Clerk accepts applications on an on-going basis. Interested individuals may apply for an appointment to a board or commission by following instructions below. If you would like more information about the City’s Boards and Commissions, please contact City Clerk Lori Sondov at 864.834.8740.

Term of Appointment
Depending on the board or commission most members serve for a term of three (3) to six (6) years with the opportunity to serve additional terms.

Application Process
Applications are available online by downloading the form below. You may also get an application by visiting City Hall, 125 Trailblazer Drive, Travelers Rest, SC 29690, or by calling 864.834.8740 and one will be mailed to you.

 Application for Appointment to Serve on a Board or Commission

Please mail the completed application to Travelers Rest City Hall at the address above.