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Great Stories & Happenings

The Art of Learning -TR Makers Co

What’s your happiest memory of school as a child? Is it a spelling list? A science quiz? Maybe a social studies lesson? If you’re like most people, these tasks probably didn’t rate very high in your happy moments’ memories. But why not? Maybe spelling was one of your strengths! And certainly, the content you learned…

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Movie Magic Came to Travelers Rest – 100 Years Ago

A hundred and one years ago, Travelers Rest experienced one of its biggest event in its history to that point. Over 2,000 gathered, arriving by foot, car, wagon and rail, to the center of town. On October 7, 1917, this community experienced the thrill of a little magic from the early cinema industry. Hollywood had…

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A Community of Art; A Source of Pride

Six years ago, Ross McClain, the art department chair at Furman University, decided to offer a course in community art. Her inspiration brought an on-gong public murals project to Travelers Rest for all of us to enjoy. Full Article

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