The Travelers Rest Police Department is committed to providing the best law enforcement experience possible, and we believe that your cooperation, confidence, and partnership are essential if we are to succeed in this goal.

Although many people recognize that law enforcement professionals are subjected to intense pressures in the discharge of our duties, we are rightfully expected to be professional in circumstances that are likely to generate considerable tension and emotion. Words and actions can easily lead to misunderstanding, confusion, and possibly even misconduct by either side involved in such situations. Therefore, we follow a policy that provides a fair and orderly process for receiving, investigating, and resolving expressions of dissatisfaction with our service.

Dissatisfaction with our service can be relayed to us in person, over the phone (864-834-9029), or by e-mail ( A tracking form we call our “Internal Complaint Form” will be completed for even the most minor concerns and will be promptly forwarded to Captain Kelley to review and assign the follow-up investigation he deems to be reasonable and necessary. You will be notified when your complaint has been resolved to the best of our ability, but we ask you to understand that if any element of your complaint results in corrective action being taken against an employee, the specifics of that action will most likely not be disclosed to you.

You can, however, be confident that I will be made aware of your concern and that it will be investigated as thoroughly and open-mindedly as possible. I consider this a very serious matter, not only for you but for the police department employee named in the incident, and I am seeking a fair and impartial outcome for both. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have additional comments or questions.

Of course, we want you to feel free to express any compliments you would like in regards to any team member or our agency as a whole. Your appreciation will be passed on not only to that team member but quite possibly our entire force so that we can all share the good news.