Article II. Committees

1.12.300 Appointment of committees—Committee chairpersons.

The mayor shall appoint all committees as set forth herein and the first person named shall be the chairperson of such committee. Preference shall be given to a council member with experience in the naming of the chairperson. A council member shall be appointed chairperson to only one of the standing committees named below in Section 1.12.320.

The standing committee and chairperson assignments shall not exceed a period of two years and shall coincide with the assumption of office of council members following a regular election and all committee appointments shall expire on December 31st of the year of regular municipal elections.

Council members newly elected by special election shall be appointed by the Mayor in the same manner as Council Members following the regular election and will serve the remainder of the term for a regularly elected council member.

(Ord. O-08-00 § 2, 2000: prior code § 1-3-41)

1.12.310 Action by majority of committee.

A majority of any committee shall be sufficient to act upon any matter within its jurisdiction.

(Prior code § 1-3-42)

1.12.320 Standing committees—Designation and appointment.


At the first meeting of council after inauguration, or as soon thereafter as practical, the mayor shall appoint, with the approval of council, five standing committees of council, which shall be designated as follows:


Ways and means;


Public safety;


Planning and development;


Personnel; and


Public works.


The mayor shall present appointments to the standing committees to city council as soon as practicable after the first meeting of council after the election of a mayor pro tem by city council and no later than one week before the regular February council meeting. The mayor shall announce the appointments to said standing committees. Council shall vote to approve or disapprove them. In the event appointments are disapproved by council and if subsequent appointments by the mayor are not approved by the first regular council meeting in March, standing committee assignments shall be made by random draw with the first person drawn for each committee being the chairperson thereof.


If city council does not affirmatively disapprove the appointments to the standing committees by the end of the first regular council meeting following the presentment of the appointments, then the appointments of the mayor to the standing committees and the appointment of the chairperson shall be deemed approved by city council.

(Ord. O-08-00 § 3, 2000; prior code § 1-3-43)

(Ord. No. O-02-10, 2-18-2010)

1.12.330 Powers and duties—Generally.

The committees shall serve at the pleasure of the council, and are charged only with investigation, review and general oversight of matters within their areas of responsibility. The committees shall report, when requested by the mayor or council, upon matters referred to them. In no instance may members of committees engage in administrative matters of the city departments, or issue directives to employees of the city. Committees may, when necessary to accomplish their assigned tasks, require employees to appear before them in formal session to make statements and answer questions concerning the city's operations.

Committees should meet at least monthly. Unless otherwise provided, meetings are to be called by the chairperson and follow an agenda prepared and posted by the city administrator or city clerk at least one day prior to the meeting. Matters not placed on the agenda may be considered at the meeting pursuant to a majority vote of the committee or be placed upon the agenda at a subsequent meeting of the committee or be determined as a majority of the committee may decide.

(Ord. O-08-00 § 5, 2000; prior code § 1-3-44)

1.12.331 Special committees.

Special committees may be appointed by the Mayor at any time and shall be approved by the council at the first meeting following the appointment, or as soon as practicable. If council takes no action concerning the appointments at the first meeting following appointments to the special committee, then the appointments shall be deemed approved.

(Ord. O-08-00 § 7, 2000)

1.12.340 Examination of ordinances and resolutions.

Each of the standing committees shall examine proposed ordinances and resolutions pertaining to the subject area with which the committee is charged and to report to the council, when required, whether they are sufficient and satisfactory, and to suggest, for council's consideration, such changes as it may deem proper.

(Prior code § 1-3-45)

1.12.350 Referral to standing committee.


Whenever council wishes to refer to committee a matter which is connected with or related to two or more committees' subject areas, the council shall determine which committee the matter shall be referred to, or may recommend referral to a joint committee composed of members of the committees involved.


All items to be submitted to the council must first be considered by the appropriate standing committee before going before the council unless it concerns a matter of emergency or unless a majority of council shall otherwise decide. If there is no appropriate standing committee to consider the matter, then the matter may be placed upon the agenda of the city council.

(Ord. O-08-00 § 6, 2000; prior code § 1-3-46)