1.04.010 Form of government.*

The governing body of the city of Travelers Rest shall be that of the council form of government, with a mayor and eight council members.

(Prior code § 1-1-1)

*  For provisions regarding election of mayor and council members, see Section 1.08.010 of this code.

1.04.020 Corporate seal.

The city shall have a common seal which shall be affixed to all ordinances passed by the city council, to all deeds of real estate executed on behalf of the city and to all notes, bonds and other evidence of debt executed in behalf of the city.

(Prior code § 1-1-2)

1.04.030 Corporate name—Power to sue, borrow money, etc.

The corporate name of the city shall be "The City of Travelers Rest" and by such name, the city shall own and convey real estate necessary for its corporate purposes, borrow money and execute notes, bonds and other evidences of debt therefor, sue and be sued, and perform generally such acts and duties as pertain to municipal corporations under the laws, general or special, of the state. The city shall have, and may exercise, any, all and every right, power or privilege conferred upon it, generally or specially, by the laws of the state.

(Prior code § 1-1-3)