The Great Book Adventure

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November 26th – January 1

The Great Book Adventure continues in Downtown TR! There are two books in this adventure! Download the Great Book Adventure Card to find the beginning for each, then use the clues to read your way along Main Street. Post the words outlined in red from each page on your Facebook page and use #TRBookAdventure to submit your answers or drop the card off at the final location for a chance to win a TR Gift Basket filled with local goodies!

Adventure 1

How to Catch a Reindeer: It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s team is off to deliver presents when one of the trusted reindeer Comet decides to explore on her own… the perfect opportunity for our Catch Club Kids to trap her and prove Santa exists! Come along on this fun Christmas adventure to see if you can catch Comet!

Begins at Verb Beauty Studio. Ends at TR Makers Co

Adventure 2

The Snowy Day: Join Peter, as he wakes up to the magic and wonder of winter’s first snowfall in his neighborhood. In his bright red snowsuit, he makes footprints and trails through the snow, a snowman, a snow angels and he even brings a snowball home in his pocket. Guess what happens next!

Begins at Tandem Creperie. Ends at Charlie’s Southern Rustiques.