Yard Waste & Leaves

Yard waste is collected every week on Wednesday or Thursday depending on your zone.

ZONE 1: Wednesdays
ZONE 2: Thursdays

Brush & Tree Collection
Tree waste may not be larger than 6-feet in length and 6-inches in diameter. Brush piles must not have garbage, leaf, or other refuse stacked on top or intermixed. Brush collection crews will not collect items other than yard waste.

Leaf Collection
Residential loose leaf collection season begins in November and continues through February. During loose leaf collection season, crews cycle through the city collecting loose leaves multiple times.

  • Do not put leaves in plastic or compostable brown bags. Compostable bags are not compatible with equipment.
  • Do not put brush in the leaf piles. Keep these items separate between the curb and sidewalk
  • Keep piles 1′ (one foot) into the street, away from the curb. This helps ensure the equipment can collect all of the leaves, protects the equipment from being damaged, and helps prevent flooding by allowing stormwater to move to the storm drains
  • Keep piles away from sewer grates, storm drains, and low-hanging trees
  • Do not include pumpkins, plastic bags, or any other items

Licensed contractors who cut or trim trees or bushes for hire must remove the resulting debris from the premises and provide for lawful disposal of the debris.