Yard Waste & Leaves

Yard waste is collected every week on Wednesday or Thursday depending on your zone.

ZONE 1: Wednesdays
ZONE 2: Thursdays

Yard/Green Waste Collection Guidelines:

  • Green waste includes grass clippings, leaves, and branches
  • Green waste should be separated into two piles:
    • PILE 1: Loose material like leaves and grass clippings
    • PILE 2: Woody waste like limbs and branches NO LARGER THAN 6 FT. (LENGTH) / 6 IN. (DIAMETER)


  • Bag green waste
  • Block sidewalks, drainage grates, or ditches
  • Place green waste near items that may be damaged and/or prevent collection such as vehicles, fences, mailboxes, telephone poles, low hanging trees, or power lines
  • Mix with household trash, construction, and demolition material