City Council


Jeff George, Grant Bumgarner, Harvey Choplin, Steve Waddell, Rick Floyd
(Mayor) Brandy Amidon, (former) Mayor McCall, (former member) Rebecca Cooper, Kelly Byers

Mayor Brandy Amidon: [email protected]

Grant Bumgarner: [email protected]

Kelly Byers: [email protected]

Harvey Choplin: [email protected]

Shaniece Criss (not pictured): [email protected]

Rick Floyd: [email protected]

Jeff George: [email protected]

Steve Waddell: [email protected]

Brantly Vest (not pictured): [email protected]



Mayor Brandy Amidon

City Administrator

The City of Travelers Rest is currently searching for a City Administrator to replace Dianna Gracely, who recently assumed the City Administrator position in the City of Simpsonville.  If you need to reach the City of Travelers Rest Administrative Office via email, please forward your message to [email protected], or call City Hall at 864.834.8740.


Administrative Assistant: Luann East

Clerk/Treasurer: Gail Braziel

Fire Department: Chief Greg Robertson

Planning and Development: Patrea St.  John

Police Department: Chief Lance Crowe

Public Works: Philip Tate

Building Official: Jamie Richards