Need to Park Downtown?

(Downtown parking maps are available below)

With so many people visiting downtown Travelers Rest, it may seem tough to find parking.
There is plenty of parking for everyone, however.
To assist you in finding a place for your vehicle, we have provided some simple maps to help you navigate through town.
Also, please be aware of signage as some places you find to park downtown may be designated parking for certain businesses only.
While you are enjoying your visit in our city, please be respectful of our local merchants and their parking lots.

Click on the links below for parking maps.
Public parking areas are represented by blocks of gray

Near Sunrift Adventures and Tandem? Click here.

Near the US Post Office and Swamp Rabbit Inn? Click here.

Near TReats and Hare and Field? Click here.

Near the driving range or the Whistle Stop? Click here.

Near Sidewall Pizza or the Tree House Cafe? Click here.

Near Upcountry Provisions? Click here.

These maps are for reference only and are not to scale.