Article I. General Provisions

3.04.010 Appointment of public works coordinator—Duties—Other personnel.

The administrator may appoint a public works coordinator to superintend the construction and maintenance of streets and perform such other duties as may be required. The public works coordinator shall employ such number of persons to work on the streets as may be needed, subject to the budgetary approval of the council.

(Prior code § 3-1-1)

3.04.020 Duty of adjacent property owners to keep sidewalks clear.

It shall be the duty of all owners of real estate within the city to keep the sidewalks adjoining their real estate clear and free from grass; weeds shall be cut and removed therefrom at such times as the council shall direct; provided, that if any owner of real estate within the city shall neglect or refuse to cut the grass and weeds from the sidewalks adjoining his property when directed to do so or fail otherwise to keep such sidewalks clean and sanitary, the chief of police is authorized to employ such labor as may be necessary to clear and clean the sidewalks, and the charge for such work shall be due and payable by such property owner of the property, to be collected as municipal tax.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1994; prior code § 3-1-2)

3.04.030 Designation of one-way streets and alleys.

When any public alley is too narrow to permit vehicles to pass, the chief of police may designate it a one-way alley. The chief of police may designate any street or public alley a one-way street or alley, if, in his opinion, traffic conditions warrant or require such action.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1994; prior code § 3-1-3)