Article I. General Provisions

1.20.010 Fiscal year.

The fiscal year for the city shall commence on the first day of July and end the last day of June.

(Ord. O-26-92 (part), 1992: Ord. 18-89, 1989: Ord. 12-89 (part), 1989: prior code § 1-5-1)

1.20.020 Execution of documents.

The mayor shall sign all deeds to real property sold by the city. Contracts to which the city is a party may be executed by either the mayor or administrator. All checks drawn on city funds shall be signed by the city administrator and the clerk-treasurer.

(Prior code § 1-5-2)

1.20.030 Authorization of certain expenses and payments.


There shall be no expenditure of municipal funds without proper authorization of the person so certified by this chapter.


All permanent improvements or capital investments shall be authorized only by vote of the council.


All current bills and operating expenses shall be approved by the city administrator prior to payment by the clerk-treasurer. Each payment must be within the budget appropriation of that department and payment over the budgetary limit must be approved by the council.


All special subscriptions and donations must be approved by the council.

(Prior code § 1-5-3)