Article III. City Clerk-Treasurer

1.16.170 Establishment of office—Appointment.

There shall be an officer of the municipality known as the city clerk-treasurer, who shall be appointed by administrator.

(Prior code § 1-4-31)

1.16.180 Bond.

The city clerk-treasurer, prior to entering upon the performance of office, shall enter into an approved bond in such sum as prescribed by council, conditioned for the faithful and honest performance of office duties.

(Prior code § 1-4-32)

1.16.190 Subject to orders, directions, etc.

The city clerk-treasurer shall be subject to the orders and directions of the city administrator.

(Prior code § 1-4-33)

1.16.200 General duties.

In addition to other duties that may be assigned by the administrator, the clerk-treasurer shall:


Be the general accountant for the municipality, maintaining a complete set of books and accounts, which shall comprise all of the financial transactions of the municipality through the various departments under their respective appropriations.


Attend all meetings of council, take minutes thereof, and record the same in a suitable book, and keep an index book in connection therewith in which shall be indexed the subject matter of important matters in the proceedings of council, with a reference to the page of the record where such matters appear, and lay before council any communications and other papers. He shall have the proceedings of council promptly published in a local newspaper when so required by council.


Be charged with the preservation of all papers, records and documents of every description pertaining to the city, and so arrange and file all such papers in packages or cases as will facilitate access to them, arranging and filing same according to their subject matter, and numbering the packages or cases numerically.


Keep an index book, in which shall be entered alphabetically the names or subject matter of such papers and documents, and the number of the packages or cases in which the same are to be found.


Issue all notices, personal and general, which the interest, convenience, laws and orders of the municipality require in the administration of its government.


Communicate to the administrator all acquired information which may contribute to the efficiency of government and welfare of the people.

(Prior code § 1-4-34)

1.16.210 Custody and deposit of funds.

The clerk-treasurer shall, subject to direction of the administrator, be the custodian of all municipal funds, and shall receive all fines, taxes, license fees, assessments and other money due and payable to the municipality unless hereinafter otherwise provided, and shall take official custody and responsibility for the same. The clerk-treasurer shall promptly deposit all municipal funds so received to the account in such depositories as the administrator shall direct.

(Prior code § 1-4-35)

1.16.220 Signing and attesting ordinances and other documents.

The clerk-treasurer shall sign and attest all ordinances, deeds, contracts or other documents which require official signature.

(Prior code § 1-4-36)

1.16.230 Keeping the ordinance book.

The clerk-treasurer shall keep an ordinance book as a permanent record and shall enter therein a copy of all ordinances enacted.

(Prior code § 1-4-37)

1.16.240 Removal of papers or documents from clerk-treasurer's custody.

No original paper or document shall be taken out of the custody of the clerk-treasurer, except upon the written order of the administrator. Each person shall give a receipt to the clerk-treasurer showing which paper or document has been removed from the file.

(Prior code § 1-4-38)