Article II. City Administrator

1.16.080 City administrator—Selection, compensation and term.

The city council shall appoint a city administrator and fix his compensation. The administrator shall be appointed solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications. The administrator need not be a resident of the city upon election, but shall reside within the city during the term of office. The administrator shall serve at the pleasure of the city council for an indefinite term.

(Prior code § 1-4-11)

1.16.090 Same—Bond.

The city administrator shall enter into an approved bond in such sum as prescribed by council, conditioned for the faithful and honest performance of the duties of such office. The cost of such bonds shall be borne by the municipality.

(Prior code § 1-4-12)

1.16.100 Same—General duties.

The administrator shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of the policies and affairs of the city, and to that end shall have power and authority and be required to:


Direct, supervise, and coordinate administrative activities and operations;


City administrator shall supervise all department heads, assist council in appointment of same;


Appointment of all other city employees;


City administrator shall recommend to council termination of department heads, but may not terminate without prior approval of a positive majority of council;


Suspend or dismiss other employees;


Prepare a proposed annual operating budget and submit the proposed budget to council for review and consideration;


Have responsibility for administration of annual operating budget after adoption;


Prepare and annually update a five-year capital improvements program and budget;


Recommend and administer personnel policies, classification, compensation and evaluation for all employees;


Monitor the financial condition of the city; estimate present and future financial needs;


Prepare monthly reports on financial activities;


Prepare monthly reports on administrative activities;


Combine or consolidate job positions within departments as necessary or prudent to maximize utilization and efficiency;


Recommend and administer policies governing purchasing procedures and inventory control;


Authorize the purchase of services, materials, supplies, and equipment which do not require the taking of bids, in accordance with guidelines and procedures adopted by council, provided such items are appropriated in the annual budget, capital improvements budget, or revenue sharing budget;


With concurrence of ways and means committee, authorize shifts in departmental budget lines items, provided overall departmental budget appropriations do not change;


Investigate complaints concerning administrative matters and personnel performance;


Prepare and submit to the council at the end of each fiscal year a complete annual report on the finances and administrative activities of the city;


Delegate to other administrative officers, subject to his direction and supervision, the authority to exercise specified duties and responsibilities as may be considered appropriate;


Provide council with information, guidance, and leadership in matters of policy determination;


Perform such other duties as council may direct.

(Ord. O-10-07 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. O-20-99 §§ 2, 3, 1999; prior code § 1-4-13)

1.16.110 Same—Removal from office.

The city administrator may be removed from office by a majority vote of the members of council. Those members voting for removal shall state the reasons for their votes. The action of the council in removing the administrator shall be final. In all cases, the administrator shall receive thirty days' notice of his removal, or severance pay for thirty days where such removal is made effective immediately by a majority vote of all members of council.

(Prior code § 1-4-14)

1.16.120 Communication between the city administrator and the city council.

The city administrator shall relate to and communicate with the mayor and chairpersons of standing council committees, and with city council as a whole, any and all problems, situations and conditions which arise concerning any department or activity of the city which, in the opinion of the administrator, is of significance. Except for the purpose of inquiry, the members of the city council shall communicate directly with the city administrator in any and all matters concerning any department or activity of the city. No member of the city council shall give orders to any subordinate of the city administrator except in case of an emergency.

(Prior code § 1-4-15)

1.16.130 Administrative code.

The administrative code shall be a compilation of administrative policies and procedures which are embodied in the municipal charter, statutory law, or city ordinances.

(Prior code § 1-4-16)

1.16.140 Administrative regulations and directives.


Administrative regulations shall be issued by the city administrator.


Administrative directives shall be issued by department heads, or chairpersons of the standing committees, and shall be approved by the city administrator.

(Prior code § 1-4-17)

1.16.150 Appeal from administrative rules and regulations.


Every citizen who shall be held to be in violation of any rule, regulation or directive of the municipality through its normal governmental operation shall have recourse by appeal to council except for those violations handled by the courts.


To perfect his appeal, the petitioner must reduce it to writing by citing the violation, date and time, and all the facts bearing thereon as he sees them, and present it to council or the city clerk-treasurer for transmittal to council at its next session.


Council shall have the right to deny the petition or to alter, amend or rescind the rule, regulation or directive, as its investigation shall advise.

(Prior code § 1-4-18)