Article I. General Provisions

1.16.010 Creation of officers and departments.

City council may, by ordinance, create, change and abolish offices, departments or agencies of the municipal government in addition to those created by this chapter and may prescribe the functions of all departments, offices and agencies, except that no function assigned by law to a particular department, office or agency may be discontinued or assigned to any other agency. The head of each department shall be designated director thereof and shall have supervision and control over his department, subject, however, to the direction of the city administrator.

(Prior code § 1-4-1)

1.16.020 Creation of departments.

There are established and created the following departments of the city:








Public works.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993: prior code § 1-4-2)

1.16.030 Compensation of officers and employees.

Compensation for officers and employees shall be as fixed from time to time by council.

(Prior code § 1-4-3)

1.16.040 Official bonds.

Any officer or employee who may be so required by the council shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duties, in such sum as may be fixed by the council, with such sureties as may be approved by the council. In case any person fails to present the required bond, with sufficient sureties, within ten days after notice to him from the council, his appointment shall be declared null and void.

(Prior code § 1-4-4)

1.16.050 Power to carry out duties.

Department heads, supervisors and all employees of the city are hereby given the necessary authority under the police powers of the city to carry out the duties and responsibilities of their respective offices or positions, including but not limited to the power to delegate such duties and responsibilities.

(Prior code § 1-4-5)

1.16.060 Enforcement of ordinances, etc.

All officers and employees shall enforce obedience to such statutes, provisions of this code and any ordinances, resolutions, or rules and regulations, or orders issued thereunder, as may relate to their regular duties, or with whose enforcement they are properly chargeable, by any measures provided therein, by the proper report of any violations thereof, and by instituting such proceedings as may be necessary to such enforcement.

(Prior code § 1-4-6)