Article III. Ordinances and Resolutions

1.12.370 Enactment authority.

It shall be the council's duty to pass, from time to time, such ordinances as in its judgment shall best promote the interest of the citizens and property holders of the municipality.

(Prior code § 1-3-51)

1.12.380 Style of ordinances.

The enacting clause of all ordinances and ordinance amendments shall be: "The City Council of the City of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, duly assembled, hereby ordains:".

(Prior code § 1-3-52)

1.12.390 Procedure for adopting ordinances.

All laws passed by the council shall be in the form of ordinances and shall be introduced, read, and voted on at two different council meetings, with at least six days between readings.

(Prior code § 1-3-53)

1.12.400 Preparation and review of ordinances and resolutions.

Ordinances and resolutions shall be drafted by either the city administrator or city attorney. The city attorney shall approve all ordinances as to form prior to submission to council.

(Prior code § 1-3-54)

1.12.410 Ordinances to be signed, attested, and affixed with city seal.

Every ordinance passed by council shall be signed by the mayor or mayor pro tempore, and attested by the clerk-treasurer.

(Prior code § 1-3-55)

1.12.420 Effective date of ordinances.

All ordinances shall take effect upon their publication unless an ordinance shall otherwise specify the time when it shall go into effect.

(Prior code § 1-3-56)