Article I. General Provisions

1.08.010 Election of governing body.*

The mayor and council members of the city shall be elected for terms of four years, to be staggered so that not more than one-half of the council and mayor shall be elected in the same general election.

(Prior code § 1-2-1)

*  For provisions regarding election of governing body, see Section 1.28.010 et seq. of this code.

1.08.020 Vacancies.

Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term at the next regular election or at a special election if the vacancy occurs one hundred eighty days or more prior to the next general election.

(Prior code § 1-2-2)

1.08.030 Compensation.


Effective upon the commencement date of the terms of two or more council members elected during the general election held on November 4, 2003.


The salaries of council members shall be the sum of two hundred dollars per month; and


The salary of the mayor shall be the sum of three hundred dollars per month.



Council members and the mayor shall either receive payment in advance or obtain reimbursement of actual expenses incurred during the performance of their duties as council members and mayor.


Expenses likely to be incurred by the mayor and council members shall be anticipated in so far as possible and shall be provided for in the annual budget.


This chapter shall take effect upon its adoption by the mayor and council.

(Ord. O-01-04, 2004: prior code § 1-2-3)

1.08.040 Oath of mayor and council members.

The mayor and council members, before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, shall take the oath prescribed by the Constitution of the state for such officers, together with the following oath, to-wit:

 "As mayor (or council member) of the City of Travelers Rest, I will equally, fairly and impartially, to the best of my ability and skill, exercise the trust reposed in me, and I will use my best endeavors to preserve the peace and carry into effect, according to law, the purposes for which I have been elected. So help me God."

(Prior code § 1-2-4)

1.08.050 Powers and duties—Generally.

All legislative and administrative powers and determination of policy matters shall be vested in the council. Each council member, including the mayor, shall have one vote.

(Prior code § 1-2-5)

1.08.060 Duties and responsibilities of council.

Without limiting the powers and responsibilities vested in the city council, the council shall:


Annually adopt a budget;


Authorize the issuance of bonds by a bond ordinance, subject to such restrictions and limitations as may be prescribed by law;


Enact ordinances of every nature and kind not prohibited by the law and Constitution of South Carolina or of the United States;


Provide for an independent annual audit of the financial records and business affairs of the municipality;


Provide for the general health and welfare of the municipality in accordance with the law of the state with reference to the general police powers granted to municipalities.

(Prior code § 1-2-6)

1.08.070 Mayor pro tempore.

The council shall, at the first meeting of the newly constituted council after any general election for municipal council, elect one of its members as mayor pro tempore for a term of two years. The mayor pro tempore shall act as mayor during the absence or disability of the mayor, or in case of a vacancy in the office of mayor.

(Prior code § 1-2-7)

1.08.080 Duty to attend meetings.*

The council members shall attend all regular and special meetings of the council, except when excused from so doing by the council, and shall hold themselves at all times in readiness to perform any duty entrusted to them by the council. Council members shall perform the duties thus imposed upon them with dispatch and to the best of their abilities.

(Prior code § 1-2-8)

*  For provisions regarding meetings of council, see Section 1.12.100 et seq. of this code.

1.08.090 Power to vote.

The mayor shall have a vote as a member of council on all matters presented to council.

(Prior code § 1-2-9)

1.08.100 Mayor's absence from the municipality.

The mayor shall not absent himself from the city for more than forty-eight hours at any one time without notifying the mayor pro tempore of his intention to leave.

(Prior code § 1-2-10)