8.08.010 Issuance of summons.

Whenever a person is arrested for violating any provisions of this chapter, the arresting officer may, in lieu of holding him to bond, take the violator's name, address, operator's license number and the registration number of the motor vehicle involved, and issue him in writing, on a form provided by the state departments of highways and public transportation, a notice to answer to the charge against him during the hours and at the time and place specified in the notice. The arresting officer shall send one (1) copy of such notice to the municipal court. Any person failing to appear shall be guilty of contempt of court, regardless of the disposition of the charge on which he was originally arrested.

(Prior code § 8-2-1)

8.08.020 Warning cards.

Any person violating any of the minor provisions of this chapter, not involving danger or damage to life or property, which, in the judgment of the reporting officer or his superiors, does not justify a summons to court, may be given a warning card, a duplicate copy of which shall be kept at police department headquarters and may be used for preparation of a summons or for reference in future violations. When a warning card is issued for violation of parking regulations, it may be placed in or attached to the vehicle of the violator. The chief of police will inspect or cause to be inspected, from time to time, duplicate copies of warning cards and will have cases made against persons who have been repeatedly warned.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-2)

8.08.030 Failure to obey police officers.

It is the duty of all persons within the city to comply with any lawful order or direction of any police officer invested by law to direct, control or regulate traffic and wilful failure or refusal to comply shall be a misdemeanor.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-3)

8.08.040 Speed limits.

Unless otherwise established by state law, where no special hazard exists that requires lower speed, the speed of any vehicle not in excess of the limits specified below shall be lawful:


Twenty-five miles per hour in any urban district.


Thirty-five miles per hour in any residence district.

(Prior code § 8-2-4)

8.08.050 Minimum speed regulations.

No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block normal and reasonable movement of traffic except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law. Police officers may enforce this provision by directions to drivers and, in the event of apparent wilful disobedience to this provision and refusal to comply with the direction of an officer in accordance herewith, the continued slow operation by a driver shall be a misdemeanor.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-5)

8.08.060 Operation of motor vehicle by persons under fifteen years of age prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person who is under the age of fifteen years to operate a motor vehicle in the city.

(Prior code § 8-2-6)

8.08.070 Driving on streets under repair or closed to traffic.

No person shall ride or drive, or cause to be ridden or driven, any horse or vehicle over that part of any street which is being mended, repaired or paved, or over any part of such street if wholly closed to traffic.

(Prior code § 8-2-7)

8.08.080 Driving through procession.

It is unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to drive between the vehicles comprising a funeral or other authorized procession while such vehicles are in motion, provided, such procession vehicles are conspicuously so designated. This provision shall not apply at intersections where traffic is controlled by traffic-control signals or police officers.

(Prior code § 8-2-8)

8.08.090 Driving through private property.


Bicycles and vehicles shall not pass through gas stations or bus stations, except on business, or at the invitation of the agent or owner. It shall be unlawful for any person driving a vehicle to use the driveway of any gas station or service station as a roadway or thoroughfare.


It shall be unlawful for any person driving a vehicle to make any "U" turn or other turn prohibited at any point where such turn is prohibited, and it shall be unlawful to accomplish a "U" turn by deviously going into or through private property adjoining the street where such turn is prohibited.

(Prior code § 8-2-9)

8.08.100 Driving within sidewalk area.

The operator of a vehicle shall not drive within any sidewalk area except at a permanent or temporary driveway.

(Prior code § 8-2-10)

8.08.110 No-passing zones.

The police department, with the consent of the state highway department, may determine those portions of any street where overtaking and passing or driving to the left of the roadway would be especially hazardous and shall, by appropriate signs and markings on the roadway, indicate the beginning and end of such zones.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-11)

8.08.120 Signs indicating direction of traffic.

All one-way streets and alleys and longitudinally divided streets shall be clearly marked by signs indicating the direction of traffic thereon at every intersection where movement in the opposite direction is prohibited.

(Prior code § 8-2-12)

8.08.130 Immediate report of accidents.

The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident in this city shall immediately by the quickest means of communication, whether oral or written, give notice of such accident to the police department.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-13)

8.08.140 Vegetation impeding traffic prohibited.


Whenever it shall be determined by the chief of police of the city that there is growing vegetation which impedes, hinders or makes unsafe the movement of either vehicular traffic or pedestrian traffic, he shall report the location to the city administrator in writing.


The city administrator shall notify the owner of the property on which the vegetation exists, and shall demand that the vegetation be completely removed, or trimmed to the extent necessary to remove the hazard, within ten days.


Such notice shall be served personally if the owner resides on the property or is a resident of the city; or, otherwise, shall be served by registered mail, return receipt requested. If the property is rental property, a copy of the notice shall also be served on the tenants. If the owner of the property is a nonresident of the state and has an agent within the state that collects the rent from the property or has control of the property, service of the notice upon such agent shall constitute service upon the owner.


If any person shall fail to comply with the terms of the notice, the city shall abate the nuisance and all costs incurred shall be charged to the owner of the premises and may be recovered by suit as any other debt.


The failure of any owner or agent to comply with the terms of any such notice served upon him under the provisions of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor and each twenty-four hour period subsequent to the time limit provided for by this section shall constitute a separate offense.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-14)

8.08.150 Pedestrian traffic.

The chief of police is empowered to regulate the movement of pedestrians upon the streets and sidewalks of the city by the erection or placement of proper signs or markers indicating the proper flow of pedestrian traffic.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-15)

8.08.160 Obedience to traffic-control devices.

The driver of any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any official traffic-control device applicable thereto placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter unless otherwise directed by a police officer, subject to the exceptions granted the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle in this chapter.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-16)

8.08.170 Blocking intersections.

No driver shall enter an intersection or a marked crosswalk unless there is sufficient space on the other side of the intersection or crosswalk to accommodate the vehicle he is operating without obstructing the passage of other vehicles or pedestrians, notwithstanding any traffic control signal indication to proceed.

(Prior code § 8-2-17)

8.08.180 Crossing fire hose.

No vehicle shall be driven over any unprotected fire hose of the fire department when laid down on any street or private driveway to be used at any fire or alarm of fire without the consent of the fire department official in command.

(Ord. O-10-93 § 4 (part), 1993; prior code § 8-2-18)