5.08.010 Planning commission established.

There is established a planning commission for the city of Travelers Rest, which shall have the powers and duties as provided in S.C. Code Title 6, Chapter 29, 6-29-310, et seq.

(Ord. O-01-99 § 1, 1999)

5.08.020 Composition of commission.

The planning commission shall consist of five members and two alternates appointed by Travelers Rest city council for terms of three years, staggered so that one-third of the members shall have terms expiring in each year. Members shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. No member of the planning commission shall be the holder of an elected public office in the city of Travelers Rest or the county of Greenville.

(Ord. O-01-99 § 2, 1999)

5.08.030 Compensation.

Members of the planning commission shall serve without compensation. Reimbursement for actual expenses incurred in the performance of official duties may be reimbursed from budgeted funds pursuant to reimbursement policies and procedures for employees of the city of Travelers Rest.

(Ord. O-01-99 § 3, 1999)

5.08.040 Removal of members.

Members of the planning commission may be removed at any time by Travelers Rest city council for cause. The existence of cause shall be discussed by the council in executive session as permitted by the Freedom of Information Act, S.C. Code Section 30-4-70 (a)(1), and the determination of removal shall be by vote in public session declaring a vacancy in the position without a statement of cause. Any fact which, in the discretion of council, is deemed to adversely affect the public interest, including lack of attendance at meetings, may constitute cause.

(Ord. O-01-99 § 4, 1999)

5.08.050 Organization and rules of procedure.

The planning commission shall organize, elect officers, and adopt rules of procedure as required by S.C. Code Section 6-29-360.

(Ord. O-01-99 § 5, 1999)