1.32.010 Use for profit-making prohibited.

Use of meeting facilities, except the Trailblazer Park will not be permitted for profit-making purposes. Admission charges, sales and other profit-making activities at those meeting facilities will not be allowed.

(Res. R-13-95 § 1, 1995)

(Ord. No. O-03-14, § 1, 4-17-2014)

1.32.020 Alcoholic beverages prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages and/or intoxicants will not be permitted in city-owned buildings, except as specifically authorized at Trailblazer Park nor will persons materially or appreciably impaired by the consumption of intoxicants be permitted in city buildings (except as may be incident to arrest, booking and arraignment by the police department).

(Res. R-13-95 § 2, 1995)

(Ord. No. O-03-14, § 2, 4-17-2014)

1.32.030 Noncity uses allowed.

Use of the facilities, except Trailblazer Park will be limited to only the following uses:


Precinct meetings, organizational meetings or primaries of political parties that are registered and qualified with the Greenville County or state election commissions to conduct such activities;


Organizations of which the city of Travelers Rest is a member, ex officio member, contributor or sponsor;


Nonprofit youth athletic organizations of the Travelers Rest area that are open to any and all youth participants of the appropriate age from within the city limits of the city of Travelers Rest and who participate in organized youth athletic league activities in the Travelers Rest area;


Governmental agencies;


Such other organizations that exhibit clear public purposes and interests in promoting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city of Travelers Rest and which may hereafter be approved by city council.

(Res. R-13-95 § 3, 1995)

(Ord. No. O-03-14, § 3, 4-17-2014)

1.32.040 Approval for use.


The city administrator or his/her designee must approve in writing any request of a nongovernmental organization for the use of city-owned meeting facilities in conformity with these guidelines. Governmental agencies need only to get verbal approval.


A copy of the agenda for the program or a brief description of the planned function shall be submitted when a nongovernmental request is made. This shall include topics to be covered by speakers and information on speakers. (Res. R-13-95 §§ 4, 5, 1995)

1.32.050 Appeals.

Any applicant not approved by the city administrator or his/her designee may appeal to the city council. Said appeal must be made in writing, specifying the grounds for said appeal, to the clerk of city council within three days after notification of the administrators decision. Thereafter, city council shall make the final determination if said organization qualifies under these guidelines for the use of city facilities. (Res. R-13-95 § 6, 1995)

1.32.060 Restrictions on use.

The city administrator or his/her designee may place reasonable time and place and manner restrictions upon an applicant. Applicants who object to the restrictions must follow the same appeals process as set forth in Section 1.32.050. (Res. R-13-95 § 7, 1995)

1.32.070 Indemnification.

The nongovernmental user must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the city, its agencies, departments, boards, commissions and its council members, official, agents, servants and employees, from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, causes of action, debts, damages, costs, charges and expenses including court costs and attorney's fees, and against all liability, losses and damages of any nature whatsoever arising out of or resulting from the use of city-owned or operated facilities. (Res. R-13-95 § 8, 1995)

1.32.080 Government functions take priority.

All city governmental functions will take priority over outside users. Any governmental functions will preempt an earlier reservation by outside users. (Res. R-13-95 § 9, 1995)

1.32.090 Smoking prohibited.

Smoking is not allowed except in designated smoking areas. (Res. R-13-95 § 10, 1995)

1.32.100 Interference prohibited.

While city governmental functions are in session, nothing shall be done to interfere with those functions. (Res. R-13-95 § 11, 1995)

1.32.110 Placement of displays or props.

The placement of displays or props must be approved by the city administrator or his/her designee. (Res. R-13-95 § 12, 1995)

1.32.120 Use of city property.

The use of property such as chairs, tables or other items not already in the meeting room must be approved prior to use. (Res. R-13-95 § 13, 1995)

1.32.130 Charges for use outside normal hours of operation.

Charges may be assessed to users who schedule activities not during hours of normal operation. The charges will be based on the actual costs of personnel to close the building, provide security and cleanup, if necessary. (Res. R-13-95 § 14, 1995)

1.32.140 Conditions for use.


All users shall comply with the Standard Fire Prevention Code as to occupancy and usage.


All activities must adhere strictly to their stated schedule.


All facilities must be left in order upon completion of the programs, with all debris removed. (Res. R-13-95 §§ 15, 16, 17, 1995)