Chapter 1.28 ELECTIONS


1.28.010 Nonpartisan election adopted.

All regular and special elections for the offices of mayor and council for the city of Travelers Rest shall be nonpartisan elections held pursuant to applicable state statutes. No political party affiliation shall be placed on any ballot for any candidate.

(Prior code § 1-7-1)

1.28.020 Regular election date.

Regular elections for the office of mayor and council shall be held in odd numbered years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.

(Prior code § 1-7-2)

1.28.030 Public notice.

Public notice of all elections shall be given at least sixty days prior to such elections.

(Prior code § 1-7-3)

1.28.040 Method of determining election results.

Candidate nominations and election results shall be determined according to the nonpartisan plurality method prescribed in Section 5-15-61 of the South Carolina Code.

(Prior code § 1-7-4)

1.28.050 Manner of filing.

Manner of Filing for Candidacy: Each candidate for any of the elective offices to be filled at such election shall announce their candidacy by filing a notice of candidacy with the municipal clerk by noon sixty days prior to such election.

(Prior code § 1-7-5)

(Ord. O-15-08, § 2, 11-20-2008)

1.28.060 Time of filing.

Filing is required by noon sixty days prior to election date.

(Prior code § 1-7-6)

(Ord. O-15-08, § 2, 11-20-2008)

1.28.070 Filing fees.

Candidates shall be required to pay a filing fee of five percent of the annual salary for the office they are seeking.

(Prior code § 1-7-7)

(Ord. O-15-08, § 2, 11-20-2008)

1.28.080 Time of taking office.


The mayor and council members elected by regular election shall assume office on the regular January council meeting following the date of the election. Officers newly elected by special election shall assume office on the next regular council meeting following the date of the election.


If the result of the election is contested, the incumbent who fills the contested office shall hold over until the contest is finally determined.

(Prior code § 1-7-8)