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10 Best Small Towns, USA Today

Situated just a few minutes north of Greenville along the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail, the town of Travelers Rest – TR for short – is home to several excellent restaurants, breweries, antique and specialty shops, all clustered at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Recent revitalization efforts have further enhanced this South Carolina small…

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A Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Weekend in Travelers Rest

With charming cafes, a lively farmers market, and an award-winning brewery, Travelers Rest is the jewel of South Carolina’s Upcountry. Visitors will find themselves at the intersection of small town sundries and mountain backcountry, where the comforts and convenience of Main Street blends with the joy and solace of the wilderness. Lose yourself in the…

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The Little Town That Could

Perched at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Greenville County, South Carolina, Travelers Rest comes by its name literally. The tiny hamlet, established in 1808, claims a long history as a stopover. In the 19th century, settlers heading west in their wagons sought shelter in the local taverns for the night, while drovers…

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