TR Merchants Meeting Notes

October 2022 Meeting Notes: 

1. Travelers Rets Christmas Parade will be Sat, Dec 10th at 10:30am. The theme is Songs of Christmas, and they are now accepting applications.
2. Jeff and Gouda are working on a special Browse and Stroll for Dec 10th.
3. The event staff at the city is working to start a music program in downtown where musicians will be strategically placed along main street.
1. The city has façade improvement grant which can be used for murals on the front/side of your building, façade improvements, dumpster enclosures, etc. It is reimbursable up to $10,000.00 and Beth included the link to the application in her merchant email.
2. City is working with Spring Park Inn (Historical Society) to put public parking in the new park they will be completing over the next several years. They are still in the fundraising stage, however, this will add parking to the downtown area. Other current public parking areas include: TRUMC, Center Street lot by library.
3. City is in process of replacing bushes and shrubs that have died on Main Street in hopes to keep the downtown area looking nice.
4. There will be a 2.5 mile extension to tie in Travelers Rest High School and the YMCA to the city via the Swamp Rabbit Trail. As these spurs and trails develop, it will make the town more walkable.
5. Roe Road will be re-striped and have a longer turning lane to help assist with traffic.
1. Chief Ford asked community members to use the officers in Travelers Rest as a resource. They are very knowledgeable about issues such as security cameras, etc.
2. Kelly Wilkins with the SC American Heart Association passed out information on CPR. Push Hard, push fast is the new campaign they are working on to help educate community about what to do when someone’s heart stops.
3. Speeding is an issue on Main Street. They have increased patrol to help slow this area.
4. Funding has been obtained to put in a new crossing across from the gazabo which will be light activated. As additional funds become available, they are hoping to add additional light street crossings.
5. The diagonal street crossing that was to occur last spring has had difficulty getting ground. In order to make the project more attractive to contractors, the City will be taking bids for the following projects together: diagonal crosswalk at Sunrift and Tandem and Street Scape. This should help make the project more desirable.
6. Street Scaping on Poinsett Street Ext. will begin next Spring.
1. TR Makers brought up the use of the trail with officers to begin building relationships with the high schoolers walking to school. Suggested when city had adequate staffing perhaps officers could be placed strategically on the trail to walk with kids to school.
2. TR Makers suggested placing stands (not window decals) on Main Street with QR codes. “Discover TR” stands. Thought this would help direct visitors when they park and walk.
3. Browse and Stroll was busy, however, the vendors only on one side of the street. Can the City find spaces on the other side of the street that would help encourage individuals to cross the street and visit additional businesses.
4. Furman has a Trolley which isn’t being used. If we could work with Furman to have the trolley at the Farmers Market each week, then we could connect people to the downtown area. Perhaps using Buncombe Street and dropping off at the gazebo.
5. Add signage to Trailblazer Park to help visitors locate the trail from the market.
6. Would after-market events (like pop-up farmers market on Center Street or in Gateway Park) help transition visitors from the Farmers Market to the downtown area?????

Mark your calendars to join us next month (Nov, 17th @ 8:30am) for our final Downtown Merchants meeting of 2022. Earl Gregorich, CBA, with Greenville Area Small Business Development Centers will join us to introduce the SBDC Network and share observations from the small business ecosystem.