School Resource Officer (SRO) Humvee

 The Travelers Rest Police Department Humvee was procured as federal surplus property for free (other than the annual subscription fee we pay to have access to the Federal 1033 program).

The TR High School auto shop students sanded and painted the vehicle for us for free, other than the cost of the paint we had to purchase.

Other than a few minor equipment items we had to purchase new, almost all of the lights, siren, control panels, etc. were old items that we have taken from decommissioned patrol cars over the years.

Because of the free labor our high school students and staff provided, and because the Humvee is assigned to our School Resource Officer, the TRHS Devildog logo is proudly displayed on all sides of the vehicle. We’ve seen how the Humvee is a big hit with our high schoolers, and it has proven itself to be a source of pride for them.

Although our Humvee is used primarily as the SRO vehicle, it has also served our community well in snow and ice storms. It leads the homecoming parades and participates in the City’s Christmas parade. Though it is not assigned to patrolling duties, the Humvee does occasionally respond to high priority calls for service in lieu of, or with, other officers.

In spite of its novel appearance, the Humvee is simply a large diesel truck that we procured for free and outfitted for next to nothing. It has no machine guns, almost no armor, and the prominence of the Devildog logo helps the community connect with it.