Need to Park Downtown?

With so many people visiting downtown Travelers Rest, it may seem tough to find parking.
There is plenty of parking for everyone, however.

To assist you in finding a place for your vehicle, we have provided an interactive map here to help you navigate through town. This map shows public parking in the downtown area of Travelers Rest. The parking icon in the top left hand corner of the map allows you to choose a destination from the drop-down list. From there, the map will zoom in on your destination and highlight appropriate parking areas in purple. This map only shows public parking. If no public parking appears in your search, this means that your destination is not near any public lots and private parking for customers should be used.

Please be aware of signage, as some places you find to park downtown may be designated parking for certain businesses only.  While you are enjoying your visit in our city, please be respectful of our local merchants and their parking lots.

Click here to access the parking map for downtown Travelers Rest